Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adapting A stamp

Stamps are most often flat and small, and hard for student with special needs to use. Here I have adapted a sponge shape stamp so my student can better use it. The sponge is glued to a piece of cardboard, but next time I would use wood so it would last longer. Then I glued and old prescription pill bottle to the other side of the cardboard. This becomes a handle they can use, making stamping more accesible.


Jenny said...

WONDERFUL idea! Thank you for sharing.

Aspenglo said...

Great idea for even non-special needs children. And even for me, I have a really hard time getting a rubber stamp correctly placed without getting other parts of the stamp on my project so that I have those odd little bits of color in places i don't want them!! This would allow me to come in like a helicopter and have a perfectly placed stamp!!Thanks so much!