Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adventures in Art

In the beginning....

I just graduated college in May 08 with a degree in Art Education. By mid-summer I accepted my first art-teaching job. I was going to be teaching art to students with special needs at a specialized school. I had no idea what to expect on a daily basis but I jumped right in. Here is a snap shoot of what I walk into each day. In every room there are as many adults as there are students. Sometimes this is good, most times it’s a hindrance. Most of my students do not communicate through traditional channels and if they do the langue is very limited. The majority has some form of physical disability. Many cannot hold crayons or brushes in the usual way. Their hands may not grip or their arms could be folded up and stiff. I also have some students with severe behavior problems. Although I strive for independence almost all of my students work hand over hand with and aid.

Since the beginning I have turned to the Internet for ideas and help. I have found that it was a poor resource for my population of students. I became frustrated with the lack of information out there that I decided to start this blog. To reach other art teachers like me, to share ideas and learn from one another. I will be sharing my project ideas and tools I use in the classroom and I hope you will share yours.