Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Art Show

In April I held the first art show at my show. These are some of the pictures I took that day. The students (and aides) enjoyed seeing their art displayed and honored.

I am so proud of what they have been able to accomplish through-out the past year in art.


Anonymous said...

This Art Show Rocked! And so do the Aspiring Artists at Aspire CFL! The Art Teacher is pretty cool too! xoxx

m. a. j. c. said...

I want the teacher who wrote this blog to know that you are magnificent, clearly dedicated, and an inspiration to other art teachers finding themselves teaching special needs population without much experience. I am honored to share the title "teacher" with caring and quality professionals such as yourself. thank you.

jessica Johnston said...

Great job showcasing your students artwork. The work looks awesome. I love teaching my special needs students. They have such a fresh and enthusiastic approach to their work Congrats on an awesome show!

Mrs. Hahn said...

so glad to have found your blog. I saw it on a post from Art Explorium.

Love your ideas, please let me share some with you… (You'll be on my blog roll soon!)