Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ani Hoover inspired art work

My Students traveled to UB North in May to see the Ani Hoover exhibit. The six panels were 30 feet tall and everyone was amazed at how they seemed to go on forever. The paintings were bright and very colorful. Many students picked out a favorite piece based on color. We learned that Hoover uses stencils with spray paint and ink. Also, we learned that her color choices are based on simple life events.

When we returned to the school we started our own circle painting. Each class chose a season to base the colors in their painting. The students then filled the 9 foot long paper witih bright circular stamps of color. They also used stencils and liquid tempera paint in spray bottles to make more circles. The paint dripped down the paper just like in Ani Hoover's work.

if you don't know Hoover's work check her out here:


thecrayonqueen said...

your panels are unbelievably beautiful. I truly love them!

misha ryan said...

beautifully simple. i love this lesson! thanks for sharing!

Hayley said...

This is great! I am definitely going to look this artist up.